Thursday, May 30, 2013

What I learned!!


You have to figure out the order of the pages, or the order of the folds, and then along with that you have to make sure all of the content on the pages tie themselves together as a theme.


One of the main things that sells a product, is the ability to make a customers or even the Average Joe sitting on the couch in front of their TV feel an emotion that connects them to a product. Its one of the most important parts of advertising PERIOD. Emotions drive people to an action more than any vague ad that just begs for an indidividuals money.

I want to learn a lot more than what i did int his class but these are some of the things that I got out of it.

Thursday, May 23, 2013


What exactly makes Advertising.... COMPETITIVE?

It all boils down to these things.

Advertisers have to persuade you in a way that makes you think that they are making the decision for you.

Their goal is to get into your mind and change the way you think.

And they do this by Targeting their Audience for their product, and then they put together a effective way to deliver their message to the general public, and last but not least, they try to present their message in a persuasive manner.

I think what makes advertising anything competitive, is that there are many ways thanks to technology,  that a company can get their message across, and unfortunately some of those tactics can yield a more successful results than others approaches.

Thursday, May 16, 2013

What makes some printing more expensive than other printing?

What makes some printing more expensive than other printing?

 When it comes to printing, the main two things that make a difference in how expensive the printing will be is how the colors are printed (separately or a single pass), whether it is a photograph of an original work or a computerized digital image, the quality of the ink, and the quantity of the media itself. 

The timeless traditional method of printing is called Offset Lithography. This allows for multiple prints at one time, and is less expensive. This process involves each color being printed separately from a metal plate which will usually take multiple runs through a press with the printer trying to match the location of each layer of ink that is printed

The more modern method for printing is called Giclee Printing. This is meant to achieve the type of printing where a computer image of the original piece is created. After the photo is edited to the highest quality possible, it is saved as a proof file, and printed one at a time to make sure the output of each one is accurate and as close to the original as much as possible. All the colors, textures, highlights, and shadows are produced within running it through the printer just ONCE. an added bonus, is that this type of printing can be done on the same surface as the original artwork itself. Any work that is completed in Giclee Printing, has added value with time because the lines of paper used specifically for this type of printing, has been considered the most permanent pieces of artistic value.


Monday, May 6, 2013

Travel Brochure and Photography's Impact on the World

So this week we are designing a travel brochure based on our hometown of Lakeland, FL. I kept it simple but also decided to add a bit of history without being too vague. I also decided to stick with a theme such as the calm Blue, Gray, and white colors to compliment Lakeland's mascot, the beautiful swan.


Photography's Impact on the World

I believe a lot of the worlds most moving moments even in history were fueled by a visual motive. We tend go go off of what we see as human beings. Even down to the textures, shapes, and colors. You can even trigger someone's emotions with how a photo is taken and the use of light, and shadows and even the point of view and angles that they are shot from.  Photography opens up a whole new world of seeing things in a way that an ordinary person would never think about. Thanks to photography, it's opened up careers on both sides of the lenses. Behind the camera, you've got Skilled Photographers.... and on the other hand, you have Models, and Actors, and Actresses, etc. Photography promotes us to use one of the most important senses we have. Sight.