Monday, February 25, 2013

getting a little easier....

So getting back into the WordPress layouts etc, wasn't what I thought it was, but its coming back to me. I've never played around with the templates and installing them before until now, so its also been a learning experience. The biggest one I've had is learning to pick templates that best suit a header if you plan to insert one that you designed to balance out everything. Because i noticed that without a banner etc in the header, your website tends to look dull and uninspired. And some templates don't include that option to have it edited in the header area. come to think of it, i have to makes some tweaks to something right now.... Anywho, I'm working on a WordPress site about what dream job I'd like to have, and how i plan to land it ;) Time to put in more work on that as well. until next time, Brave Heart

Friday, February 15, 2013

wordpress templates & headers

well as we get back into wordpress this week, I'm having trouble getting around in the template area. to be exact, the header. I'm trying to insert an image in there and its screwing up going crazy. i just made a banner for it not long ago, and I'm trying to figure out the best way to place it at the top of the template that I chose. as far as writing the content for this website, its been interesting, its the visuals that get to me because i cant get them how i want right now. i just have to study it and try to understand it somehow.

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Next Up: Wordpress

So this class we are facing WordPress. I've played round with this interface about 3 years prior but have taken a break since. and now, its come up again. I dont mind. I remember some of this navigation and other things to operate blogs, etc. I just have to get in there and get familiar with it again! Time to look at these templates and plugins again.

Sometime ago, I had a blog that had some pretty good traffic coming in. Turns out that it came in handy because it was just a learning experience. The purpose was to put my online marketing and promotion skills that I had learned to the test... I'm now promoting one of my other blogs with a bigger vision, and it's doing the same but I just have to keep the content updated. I already have a way to push the blog further to be different from other sites just like it, I'm just having trouble tryng to find the time to do it. I'll figure out something.

Also, I have a graphical poster that i have to design this week from reading some chapters of my new book for this class.  I'm starting to understand some of the ideas and concepts in it, but I'll just have to figure out how I'm going to apply that to my art work and the rest should fall into place.

Friday, February 1, 2013

Pushing Yourself

The pay off is well worth it but the frustration with pulling everything together for this search engine website has been crazy! even having to present it in front of class, made me really nervous but as i said something funny to lighten the mood of class it eventually went away. Now i'm staring at one last site about the future of technology or something like that. Might as well bring it on!