Thursday, January 24, 2013

Researching Content - Website Coding

I have no problems coding a website, but the tedious part is researching for content. To be honest, i like coding the visual part of a website better. I've heard that going for the research takes up less time, but I see the disadvantages and the advantages in it. So i guess it depends on what the website is about and the time you have to complete it and the overall goals you plan to achieve with it as a whole.

As challenging as CSS is, the coding itself as become more inticing to complete first instead of the research. And  i guess its because coding CSS changes up the visuals of a website. I know research is important and essential to a website, but I also feel like it's very time consuming.

1 comment:

  1. Yes researching is time-consuming which is why so many designers and design firms FAIL before they ever get started. Great design starts with solid research and that takes time and effort and discipline. Given time, anyone can learn the tools, but not everyone can great a compelling, useful, interesting design of value...but you can.