Friday, January 18, 2013


Looks like CSS is becoming as simple  as HTML in some places now. Still a challenge but overall, I can deal with it a bit better.  I completed my website on copyright just in time yesterday, and I was really proud of not only that, but that I had tried out some things in coding the website that I never tried before. I'll tell you this, and the online resources is really helpful. Before, I was really stressing out thinking "Well how am I gonna do this?" I had to pray. Sometimes the answer is in front of us when all we have to do is check under our nose and ask for help.  Now CSS3 and HTML5? Well that's a whole other group of blog posts to write, eh?


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  1. Things with get better the more we do it. Sadly it seems we just dont have the time to learn it, it just we gotta have our projects done and turned it. One of these days you will look back and go wow...I really do know all about HTML and CSS coding!