Saturday, September 28, 2013


I can't believe how fast this class went by. I really enjoyed putting my portfolio together, and also being in the lab again for class. When I first started this course it seemed like it would be awhile before I made it here to my portfolio class, and now.... HERE IT IS, AND NOW IT'S OVER. It was a pretty good experience for me overall, and I will take what  I learned from it and apply it in the future. I have no more lab classes after this, so it makes me kinda sad. I will miss having design courses from now on.... but I'm gonna look at the bright side of things!! I'm about halfway through and I've gotten attached to the lab, and designing.


Thursday, September 19, 2013

Always Willing To Improve

I've found that constructive criticism has really helped me with my Interviewing skills and also other things. Most of the time we dont get to succeed in the areas that would like to because we don't know where or even how we are steering ourselves wrong. So it really helps to have that guide, and that person that says, " I think your approach to this isnt benefiting you the best. Why dont you try this?" In my interviews I learned that your body language can really play an important factor along with how you verbally interact with the person who is interviewing you. 
I'm always willing to improve myself in more areas than one, so going through my Mock Interviews really helped me to see what I need to brush up on. I plan to use any helpful information to help me succeed as much as i can.

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Interviewing & Resumes

I am glad that we are covering interviews this week. It really helped me to improve my skills as an interviewer and as a person evevn more. I have already had both of my Mock Interviews, and i learned a few more things during the process. I cannot wait to try them out in a real life interview, so i will be working on my skills even further to make sure that i do my best by the time that day comes. 
As for my Creative Resume'  , I found it kind of hard to think of an idea at first, but once i glanced at a few examples, I knew what i needed to do to make my resume' a reflection of myself. Also they are a lot more fun to put together than a conventional plain type of resume'. Until next time....


Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Back in the lab - Portfolio Time!!

It feels good to be back!! I missed being in the lab for a minute!! Anywho, I cant believe its time to dive into putting my portfolio together. I think a portfolio is essential to a graphic designer because it can show off there skills as a person, part of their personality, and most of all their creativity and longevity. And with that being said Those are the exact qualities I want mine to display. Time to put this thing together!!


Monday, June 24, 2013


So it seems that i'm getting more comfortable with flash as far as movement and timign goes. I still need quite a bit of practice, but i'm headed in a good diretion so far.

Timing can be tricky, but with a little patience, you shouldbe able to get the hang of it at some point. The only thing with Flash is, that its a pain in the butt sometimes and patience is sometimes the last thing on your mind.

Practice makes perfect.

I'll get there soon.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

i don't love it... but i don't hate it either :)

well I've gotten into flash a bit more and its really not that bad. i now i don't love it, but a the same time i don't hate it either. my project is looking pretty good, but I'm tweaking it to the finished product.

the only problems I'll be dealing with is to record audio for it and add that in the sync with the actions and frames that I've created in flash. i think even if you hate flash, you'll be able to at least tolerate it a bit and spend several hours like i did just recently and really get into it and experiment and try different things.

Monday, June 10, 2013

FLASH is getting a little easier..... 2ND ROUND.

so far... so GOOD!! it's getting a little easier since I've gotten my hands back into flash. it's still frustrating, but it feels a little easier after getting some help.

sometimes its hard to focus because i don't know where to to start sometimes.
i have an idea of what i want to do, but to put it into action for FLASH is a whole different story.

wish me luck!


Tuesday, June 4, 2013

back to the FLASH.

I dread Adobe Flash.. but It's my challenge of the month - THIS MONTH. I'm looking to be better at it than I was awhile ago, and if I can be better than I expected by the time this month is over, that will be a plus.

We have an animation project that we have to do and it makes me a bit anxious because it has to be done in Flash. Hello Flash. Make my day... or better yet... my month.

Thursday, May 30, 2013

What I learned!!


You have to figure out the order of the pages, or the order of the folds, and then along with that you have to make sure all of the content on the pages tie themselves together as a theme.


One of the main things that sells a product, is the ability to make a customers or even the Average Joe sitting on the couch in front of their TV feel an emotion that connects them to a product. Its one of the most important parts of advertising PERIOD. Emotions drive people to an action more than any vague ad that just begs for an indidividuals money.

I want to learn a lot more than what i did int his class but these are some of the things that I got out of it.

Thursday, May 23, 2013


What exactly makes Advertising.... COMPETITIVE?

It all boils down to these things.

Advertisers have to persuade you in a way that makes you think that they are making the decision for you.

Their goal is to get into your mind and change the way you think.

And they do this by Targeting their Audience for their product, and then they put together a effective way to deliver their message to the general public, and last but not least, they try to present their message in a persuasive manner.

I think what makes advertising anything competitive, is that there are many ways thanks to technology,  that a company can get their message across, and unfortunately some of those tactics can yield a more successful results than others approaches.

Thursday, May 16, 2013

What makes some printing more expensive than other printing?

What makes some printing more expensive than other printing?

 When it comes to printing, the main two things that make a difference in how expensive the printing will be is how the colors are printed (separately or a single pass), whether it is a photograph of an original work or a computerized digital image, the quality of the ink, and the quantity of the media itself. 

The timeless traditional method of printing is called Offset Lithography. This allows for multiple prints at one time, and is less expensive. This process involves each color being printed separately from a metal plate which will usually take multiple runs through a press with the printer trying to match the location of each layer of ink that is printed

The more modern method for printing is called Giclee Printing. This is meant to achieve the type of printing where a computer image of the original piece is created. After the photo is edited to the highest quality possible, it is saved as a proof file, and printed one at a time to make sure the output of each one is accurate and as close to the original as much as possible. All the colors, textures, highlights, and shadows are produced within running it through the printer just ONCE. an added bonus, is that this type of printing can be done on the same surface as the original artwork itself. Any work that is completed in Giclee Printing, has added value with time because the lines of paper used specifically for this type of printing, has been considered the most permanent pieces of artistic value.


Monday, May 6, 2013

Travel Brochure and Photography's Impact on the World

So this week we are designing a travel brochure based on our hometown of Lakeland, FL. I kept it simple but also decided to add a bit of history without being too vague. I also decided to stick with a theme such as the calm Blue, Gray, and white colors to compliment Lakeland's mascot, the beautiful swan.


Photography's Impact on the World

I believe a lot of the worlds most moving moments even in history were fueled by a visual motive. We tend go go off of what we see as human beings. Even down to the textures, shapes, and colors. You can even trigger someone's emotions with how a photo is taken and the use of light, and shadows and even the point of view and angles that they are shot from.  Photography opens up a whole new world of seeing things in a way that an ordinary person would never think about. Thanks to photography, it's opened up careers on both sides of the lenses. Behind the camera, you've got Skilled Photographers.... and on the other hand, you have Models, and Actors, and Actresses, etc. Photography promotes us to use one of the most important senses we have. Sight.

Friday, April 12, 2013

the importance of hue, saturation of color in photos etc

This week i got some really good insight on the importance of the black and white levels of color in a photo that can really make a difference in the vibrancy of the entire piece. i've started playing around with it in photoshop, and its something that i can get used to. just the intensity in a color can make a whole difference to just the smallest detail when you look at a photo. -Braveheart

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

10 Rules Of Photographic Composition

1. Rule of Thirds: When an image is shot and positioned based on a one-third scale as if three separate sections of lines were printed on the photograph. Its keeps a balance of the piece so that it doesn't throw off the viewer. 2. Curved Lines: A visual of this sort is based on lines of a curved nature. This creates a focus on the lines more than any other amount of space or other objects in view. 3. Pattern: two or more of the same object positioned in a symmetric way to garner balance in a photo. It can also be used to draw focus on only the repeated objects in sight. 4. Balance: this is used to combat anything that would overpower the true focus of your main object. For example, an object on both sides of the photo with a bit of open space creates an even balance and will draw more attention to the main object and also the one opposite of it. 5. Following the lines: the object of your focus consisting of lines that follow each other. whether they are curved, zig-zagged or straight they have a way of drawing in the viewer to pay more attention to the detail of what has been shot. 6. Viewpoint: a piece that is shot based on the point of view we want the viewer to see it from. sometimes based on the angle that is shot, the viewpoint can make for an interesting way to see things that may not have been seen that way before. 7. Depth of Field: TURNING THE FOCUS TO ONE OBJECT AND USING ONES CAMERA OR PHOTO EDITING SOFTWARE TO BLUR OUT THE AREAS THAT DON'T NEED AS MUCH ATTENTION DRAWN TO THEM TO BRING A DIFFERENT MEANING TO THE PIECE ALTOGETHER. 8. Framing: objects that are naturally frame-worthy such as trees or hills and valleys in nature. they are a great addition to an overall photo and can add more value to the object you're trying to focus on. 9. Centering: Centering an photo shouldn't be necessary unless there's a reasoning behind it. often times centering is too typical to shoot from and it diverts the attention of the main focus away form the object you're really trying to focus on. 10. Aspect Ratio: Instead of the conventional way of shooting photos, vertical or horizontal shots make for a more interesting view and can also open up different viewing possibilities.

Saturday, March 30, 2013

a little bit of VARIETY!!

So this week i designed three things. A Children's book cover, a poster about of the 7 Deadly Sins, and An original Font! I had the most fun designing every one of these because i went outside of the box during my design process and tried something different!! I think I liked designing the 7 deadly Sins Poster the most because it allowed me to expand on playing with not only different fonts, but also giving the most attention to detail. - Braveheart

Friday, March 22, 2013

shading in Illustrator and its importance

its been really great to learn about shading in Illustrator. It really adds depth to artistic pieces and i really like that because i get to expand my imagination and really flex my creative muscles. i do have to practice on the shading a bit more though bt its coming along nicely. right now it makes me want to challenge myself to do a piece that will really take a lot of skill. Braveheart

Sunday, March 17, 2013

logo concepts and branding

This week we covered logos to household brands that are recognizable from just the logo.The name sometimes doesn't have to be placed next to it or any hints given. Thats just how solid the brand is and exactly how recognizable they are overall. i think the reasoning behind is the concept and even the colors in the logo to a certain degree. the more you look into the creative workings of a company, its brand and its logo it means so much more to you as a designer :)

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Illustrator & branding

I'm so glad to be back in Illustrator class! coding really challenged me but it was also gonna make me go bonkers eventually! i know it has something to do with design, but sometimes i need a break and enough is enough! Time to get back to my work. i feel like one of my best strengths is in illustrator. and with us venturing into branding, it will give me another chance to stretch my creative fingers. Wish me luck! ------------------------------- i think one of my most favorite brands is Sony. they seem to have a nice design and layout for most of their products. And most of their features are pretty innovative too. For example, almost every gaming related product they have has a really nice sleek design... as does Apple. I mean if i keep going it will be one slewful of a comparison. I dont want to start any *Brand Wars* so I'll be signing off til next time!!

Monday, March 4, 2013


Well being that in our last week we had a final and all, we had to put together our portfolio and decide how we're going to utilize it to get a job by showcasing our design skills with our work. i think its a pretty solid idea because it will show your strengths and weaknesses. there are a couple of pieces that i designed that i am really proud of. i just have to keep on focusing on those areas that I'm good at. i found that some of my illustrator pieces have been the strongest, and sometimes its been pieces that i designed in Photoshop or a website in Dreamweaver. overall, i think i will be venturing out and designing things that challenge me in the areas that i need the most.

Monday, February 25, 2013

getting a little easier....

So getting back into the WordPress layouts etc, wasn't what I thought it was, but its coming back to me. I've never played around with the templates and installing them before until now, so its also been a learning experience. The biggest one I've had is learning to pick templates that best suit a header if you plan to insert one that you designed to balance out everything. Because i noticed that without a banner etc in the header, your website tends to look dull and uninspired. And some templates don't include that option to have it edited in the header area. come to think of it, i have to makes some tweaks to something right now.... Anywho, I'm working on a WordPress site about what dream job I'd like to have, and how i plan to land it ;) Time to put in more work on that as well. until next time, Brave Heart

Friday, February 15, 2013

wordpress templates & headers

well as we get back into wordpress this week, I'm having trouble getting around in the template area. to be exact, the header. I'm trying to insert an image in there and its screwing up going crazy. i just made a banner for it not long ago, and I'm trying to figure out the best way to place it at the top of the template that I chose. as far as writing the content for this website, its been interesting, its the visuals that get to me because i cant get them how i want right now. i just have to study it and try to understand it somehow.

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Next Up: Wordpress

So this class we are facing WordPress. I've played round with this interface about 3 years prior but have taken a break since. and now, its come up again. I dont mind. I remember some of this navigation and other things to operate blogs, etc. I just have to get in there and get familiar with it again! Time to look at these templates and plugins again.

Sometime ago, I had a blog that had some pretty good traffic coming in. Turns out that it came in handy because it was just a learning experience. The purpose was to put my online marketing and promotion skills that I had learned to the test... I'm now promoting one of my other blogs with a bigger vision, and it's doing the same but I just have to keep the content updated. I already have a way to push the blog further to be different from other sites just like it, I'm just having trouble tryng to find the time to do it. I'll figure out something.

Also, I have a graphical poster that i have to design this week from reading some chapters of my new book for this class.  I'm starting to understand some of the ideas and concepts in it, but I'll just have to figure out how I'm going to apply that to my art work and the rest should fall into place.

Friday, February 1, 2013

Pushing Yourself

The pay off is well worth it but the frustration with pulling everything together for this search engine website has been crazy! even having to present it in front of class, made me really nervous but as i said something funny to lighten the mood of class it eventually went away. Now i'm staring at one last site about the future of technology or something like that. Might as well bring it on!

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Researching Content - Website Coding

I have no problems coding a website, but the tedious part is researching for content. To be honest, i like coding the visual part of a website better. I've heard that going for the research takes up less time, but I see the disadvantages and the advantages in it. So i guess it depends on what the website is about and the time you have to complete it and the overall goals you plan to achieve with it as a whole.

As challenging as CSS is, the coding itself as become more inticing to complete first instead of the research. And  i guess its because coding CSS changes up the visuals of a website. I know research is important and essential to a website, but I also feel like it's very time consuming.

Friday, January 18, 2013


Looks like CSS is becoming as simple  as HTML in some places now. Still a challenge but overall, I can deal with it a bit better.  I completed my website on copyright just in time yesterday, and I was really proud of not only that, but that I had tried out some things in coding the website that I never tried before. I'll tell you this, and the online resources is really helpful. Before, I was really stressing out thinking "Well how am I gonna do this?" I had to pray. Sometimes the answer is in front of us when all we have to do is check under our nose and ask for help.  Now CSS3 and HTML5? Well that's a whole other group of blog posts to write, eh?


Thursday, January 10, 2013


I would honestly love to do HTML over CSS, but it turns out that its absolutely essential for making a webpage, and also a website itself as a whole. Its frustrating to learn it, but I'm starting to see it as a very vivid tool to express myself creatively. From the borders to the padding, CSS is a challenge that I never saw coming. You can go through non-technical issues in life and sometimes it will seem  like they are as complicated as writing the code for a program, when all you really need is the right inspiration and the right influence to guide you.