Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Today's Topic: That GUT Feeling you get before something happens....

Have you ever had that GUT feeling? You know the one that makes your stomach turn? I've been there before, but there's a specific thing that happens when i get them. I not only get my GUT feeling when I'm awake, it also shows up in my dreams too. And then.... in reality it happens. But it's not every dream that I have though, only a select few. I usually don't realize it's happened until I'm doing something in the middle of the day, and then it hits me like Deja Vu'.

The point of it all is, when you get a GUT feeling about something, whether it be good or bad, please pay attention to it. You always get it for a reason. Sometimes that's why you can sense things have happened a certain way because it may indeed be true.

GUT FEELING? Soothe it with attention and alertness!!


  1. I know exactly what you mean! Gut feelings are almost like cases of deja vu for me. Precognition, even! It sucks, but you have to remain true and keep yourself focused.

  2. I know what you mean, I don't get the "Gut feeling" but I do get Deja Vu'. I always pay attention when I get that feeling though. Most of the time it is in the middle of little things like, taking a test, talking to someone, or going somewhere. I never know what it means though, what the test or place I am at means to me, or to my life.

  3. Absolutely true! There have been times when I haven't listened to that and have made a bad decision letting regret enter the picture (wasted time). Love your closing statement, "Soothe it with attention and alertness!!"