Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Today's Topic: Ignorance is sometimes the main fault of a misunderstanding.

Unfortunately, sometime ago... I came across a very difficult individual a few months ago. And I have to say at the very least, that she was indeed ignorant. While I won't say exactly what made me come to this conclusion, the title of this topic is very influenced by this person.

I was a friend of someone whom she knew also, but in a different way. And thanks to a untrustworthy person, she got the impression that I was something, that I'm clearly not. The ultimate point I'm trying to make is, she is the type of person to believe a lie, and perceive it as the truth.

There is always three sides to a story. The first persons' side, the second persons' side, and in this case the third persons' side, AND then.. THE TRUTH. And looking at the situation, I know something she doesn't know, but i don't waste my time reaching out to her to get her to open her eyes.

The thing about it is, I feel sorry for her because she isn't open to giving people the benefit of the doubt. So unfortunately, the three of us will have to wait until the truth comes out. And that in itself, will be an unfortunate occasion.

Sometimes, if you aren't so quick to jump to conclusions, then you begin to see that some things aren't as bad as they seem. Nor will they turn out to be how you thought they were. If you put ignorance on the back burner, and open up your ability to understand, then there will be a lot less misunderstanding.

*Brave Heart*


  1. Brave Heart,

    I am sorry that you had to come to this conclusion by someone being ignorant. I am lucky to say that I have not been in this kind of situation. I have been in a place where there was two people's stories and then there was the truth.

    Anyways, keep up the great post. I still love reading them.

    --Shelby Lynn

  2. The first step to defeating ignorance is to recognize it for what it is. The next is not to let it affect you in a negative way. And finally to realize you have risen above ignorance!

  3. thanks @shelby and @jojo. I will take that into consideration also.

  4. There will always be truths in every side. Some false justification a party is blinded by is NOT the truth. Being civil is the only way to hear other sides, but many refuse to see it. Ignorance is ignoring the truths, even if they make you look bad, and accepting them. I think you have a lot of strength and good heart, but deal with a lot. Make sure you don't let ignorance affect you.

  5. Hello i believe the sometime is better to cut your losses and move on, why stand by while other may hurt you with their ignorance's. So your best bet would be to forgive them and pray for them and leave the rest in God's hand. and know that you did your best to be there for others.

  6. @jasmine: i agree. @cubalinks: exactly. i've decided to take that approach and simply fall back. cutting your losses is the best solution. nice ;)