Monday, January 30, 2012

Today's Topic: Eagles soar alone, Pigeons flock together.

Being a leader in whatever it is you're trying to accomplish is always better than following in the footsteps of what everyone else is doing. I've always did that in terms of my personality, style, and almost anything else that I do. When I was in high school, I set myself apart from other girls by dressing and looking completely different from them, and I was able to stand out almost without any effort. Of course, many were jealous, but that just made me like being different even more.

SO.. the next time you want to follow someone else, try making your own path instead.

*Brave Heart*


  1. It's great being an eagle, knowing that you are a leader is the first step in being a great leader.

    I raised all my kids telling them they are great followers. Also I told them in order to be great leaders they MUST be excellent followers.

  2. Great Attitude! Dance to the beat of your own drummer. Who wants to be like everyone else? Being a designer, you have to design your own path and follow your instincts. You have a great start to a promising career whatever you choose. I love the transparency into the soul of who you are!