Monday, January 9, 2012

Today's Topic: Beauty is skin deep, but Attitude is to the bone.

Over the last few months, my eyes have really been opened to the quoting above. There are so many ways to refer to this especially with metaphors, but I specifically want to address it to an individual's personality. Someone could be very attractive to the naked eye, but easily be a deceiving person. I've experienced this with someone that I know myself, so I can easily empathize and reflect on it. Now I'm not saying that the person has to be one that you consider unattractive, all I'm saying is to look for what they uphold in their character.

This has definitely rung true when I look at my circle of friends, and associates. I usually get along and can relate to the ones with great character, and judgement, and to me that is a really rewarding experience, and definitely not in monetary OR materialistic fashion.

To Be Continued...


  1. Wow! This very true. You always have amazing blogs with so much information and thought.
    Anyways back to this blog, I have experienced this as well with someone that I thought was a totally different person. Anyways, I love your post and can't wait to read more.

  2. People will always surprise you. You could find friendship in your worst enemies and enemies in your closest friends. Things are easy to mask with a smile or kind words.

    You are who you tend to associate yourself with. Outside influences mold and contort people, so stay true to YOU. I can tell you already will. Don't let others faze you!

  3. ummm yea i like the fact the you blog has a lot of information and the information can be use for an everyday life situation.

  4. Confucius say, Great attitude make great designer! JK, however; Your heart goes deeper than the average, which will make for great design. Design that doesn't reach out and move us is.... well, just design!

  5. In Proverbs it says favor is deceitful and BEAUTY is VAIN...I honestly believe beauty is inside a person and reflects on a persons outwardly.

    Continue to be who you are, because I really believe in keeping it real, real real.