Monday, January 30, 2012

Today's Topic: Eagles soar alone, Pigeons flock together.

Being a leader in whatever it is you're trying to accomplish is always better than following in the footsteps of what everyone else is doing. I've always did that in terms of my personality, style, and almost anything else that I do. When I was in high school, I set myself apart from other girls by dressing and looking completely different from them, and I was able to stand out almost without any effort. Of course, many were jealous, but that just made me like being different even more.

SO.. the next time you want to follow someone else, try making your own path instead.

*Brave Heart*

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Today's Topic: That GUT Feeling you get before something happens....

Have you ever had that GUT feeling? You know the one that makes your stomach turn? I've been there before, but there's a specific thing that happens when i get them. I not only get my GUT feeling when I'm awake, it also shows up in my dreams too. And then.... in reality it happens. But it's not every dream that I have though, only a select few. I usually don't realize it's happened until I'm doing something in the middle of the day, and then it hits me like Deja Vu'.

The point of it all is, when you get a GUT feeling about something, whether it be good or bad, please pay attention to it. You always get it for a reason. Sometimes that's why you can sense things have happened a certain way because it may indeed be true.

GUT FEELING? Soothe it with attention and alertness!!

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Today's Topic: Laughter is the best medicine!! (^_^)

Sometimes in life, you will encounter things that will make you want to give up all hope. But no fear, if you think about it and take the humor from it, then it will somewhat make you feel better. Many times myself, I've had to do this. And I can honestly admit that it has helped me to cope with whatever encounters I've had in my life.

So if you're going through something rough, Then find the humor in it to get through it. If you can't then, savor the happy moments that come often after the bad times.

*Brave Heart*

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Today's Topic: Imitation is the highest form of flattery.

When you find that someone is imitating you, yet throwing dirt on your name, clearly they admire you in some way. They are just too full of pride to admit it. I have encountered this myself, on multiple occasions. It just means that they are an undercover fan of Yours.

They seem to want something you have, that either they don't have, or won't take the time and effort to push forward and do themselves to get the same results. Which brings me to a quote I saw while I was on twitter about two weeks or more ago...

" Jealousy is the art of counting somebody else's blessings instead of your own."

And thinking about it, it makes perfect sense. I can see it now... all they dwell their time on is talking about how much more you have than they do, or how you look a certain way, maybe better than them, and the icing on the cake.... "How can I emulate it without looking like I copied from them?"

It really makes me sorry for these copycats. While people like you and me, who don't worry about that kind of stuff, and they are worrying themselves over our next move, etc.

An original is worth more than a copy. Being yourself is the ultimate defense towards that

*Brave Heart*

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Today's Topic: Where are your guts?? GO FOR IT!! Challenge yourself!!

The way I see it, shyness will only get you so far, but being bold and having guts will get you further. Challenging yourself, can do wonders for you in all aspects of your life. Something came to me the other day, and I sat back and looked at what I had just done. Years ago I was "Team Shy" , but now I'm more willing to press through my nervous mood, and give things a try. So now, I've been "drafted" into "Team Brave". If that's what you want call to it.

But I also understand that it takes time to progress out of shyness. In a way, shyness can also be a good thing, but it's also good to challenge yourself, and then analyze the result of it.

There was this time a couple of years ago, I used to listen to jazz non-stop. Every time I would get in the car, It would be stuck on that same jazz radio station. And so I thought to myself, I wonder if I could create something better, or equal to it. And so I set up my "Recording Studio" in my room that was connected to my computer, and got to work on it producing the beats with a instrumental software program, and then the melodies to all of the songs came from my keyboard. It took a few weeks, but when I put my focus into it, and I was done creating the album, the cover to it, etc. and I took a step back at what I had done, that was one of the things that had motivated me to challenge myself from then on. Mind you, this was about four years ago. Everytime I listen to the album that I put my hard work into, I always seem to find something new about it that makes me want to emulate it even further, and not just in the sense of music.

So the point is that if you challenge yourself, even if you are shy, it should motivate you to take those guts and start making moves. You never know what could result from it. It may just turn out to be the most influencial and beautiful thing that ever happened to you.

*Brave Heart*

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Today's Topic: Ignorance is sometimes the main fault of a misunderstanding.

Unfortunately, sometime ago... I came across a very difficult individual a few months ago. And I have to say at the very least, that she was indeed ignorant. While I won't say exactly what made me come to this conclusion, the title of this topic is very influenced by this person.

I was a friend of someone whom she knew also, but in a different way. And thanks to a untrustworthy person, she got the impression that I was something, that I'm clearly not. The ultimate point I'm trying to make is, she is the type of person to believe a lie, and perceive it as the truth.

There is always three sides to a story. The first persons' side, the second persons' side, and in this case the third persons' side, AND then.. THE TRUTH. And looking at the situation, I know something she doesn't know, but i don't waste my time reaching out to her to get her to open her eyes.

The thing about it is, I feel sorry for her because she isn't open to giving people the benefit of the doubt. So unfortunately, the three of us will have to wait until the truth comes out. And that in itself, will be an unfortunate occasion.

Sometimes, if you aren't so quick to jump to conclusions, then you begin to see that some things aren't as bad as they seem. Nor will they turn out to be how you thought they were. If you put ignorance on the back burner, and open up your ability to understand, then there will be a lot less misunderstanding.

*Brave Heart*

Monday, January 9, 2012

Today's Topic: Beauty is skin deep, but Attitude is to the bone.

Over the last few months, my eyes have really been opened to the quoting above. There are so many ways to refer to this especially with metaphors, but I specifically want to address it to an individual's personality. Someone could be very attractive to the naked eye, but easily be a deceiving person. I've experienced this with someone that I know myself, so I can easily empathize and reflect on it. Now I'm not saying that the person has to be one that you consider unattractive, all I'm saying is to look for what they uphold in their character.

This has definitely rung true when I look at my circle of friends, and associates. I usually get along and can relate to the ones with great character, and judgement, and to me that is a really rewarding experience, and definitely not in monetary OR materialistic fashion.

To Be Continued...

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Introduction to Brave Heart

Bravery comes in many forms. But when bravery is done with heart, is a well respected. Sometimes in being brave, you inspire others. And that in itself should motivate you to continue to inspire people, but not for the sole purpose as if you're expecting a reward of material value everytime. Do it because as human beings we all have our encounters with the dark side of life. And sometimes, it is of no fault of our own.

So why "Brave Heart" ? Well, yes it's for the reasons above, but the other reason is because there is an appealing ring to it. Speaking of bravery, I've started to take on something I thought i wouldn't have to the heart to do. Graphic Design. So far, things are starting off great, so we'll see where it takes me.

And in saying so, I close this welcome post here.

Signing Out,
Brave Heart (^_^)